Stanley Point Clean Up


Stanley Bay, Stanley Point Road, Stanley Point, Auckland

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Saturday 20 August 2022


Stanley Point Clean Up

Grab a cup of coffee and meet us at Stanley Point Viewpoint, where Stanley Point Rd and Calliope Rd in Stanley Point meet.

There's so much to enjoy in Stanley Point - while the tide is low we can cover quite a good sized area but gumboots come very very highly recommended.

Across the road is Stanley Bay Park with plenty of litter catching bushes that we can spread out to, and then there's Secret Cove, just a five minute drive up the road.

Also up the road are two beautiful lookouts, not big enough for a clean up but definitely worthwhile for the view so if you're interested in heading to them, grab a rubbish bag from Emma or Harriet and they'll arrange picking it up after.

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