Forgotten Vessels – Waiting for the Early Dawn


The Homestead Galleries - Corban Estate Arts Centre, 2 Mount Lebanon Lane, Henderson, Auckland

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Friday 16 September 2022 - Sunday 30 October 2022




Lissa Wilson
09 838 4455

Forgotten Vessels – Waiting for the Early Dawn
Photograph by Pepe Tuna Productions (Salvador Brown). Courtesy of the artists.

Nature’s Gentleman (Numa Mackenzie) and Sistar S’pacific (RosannaRaymond) have collaborated countless times over the past decade as part of the renowned SaVĀge K’lub.

Expanding on their shared creative history, 'Forgotten Vessels – Waiting for the Early Dawn' presents a dual exhibition where the artists each explore their solo practices in conversation with one another, through the use of sound, craft-based practice and hue carving.

Alongside their individual installations, the duo nod to their ongoing work as part of the SaVĀge K’lub collective in a third space serving as recreation of their shared artist studio 'Ana Pekapeka', lending space for activations, workshops and conversations throughout the exhibition.

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