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Une-Deux Café​ , Une-Deux Cafe, 545 Karangahape Road, Newton, Auckland

Une-Deux Cafe, First floor

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Saturday 10 June 2023
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Kennedy Brown
021 165 3841

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Don't throw away that broken or damaged household item - Come to the next monthly Repair Cafe, and it could be saved.

Repair Cafés are events where you can bring broken or damaged items, and locals volunteer their time and expertise to fix them for free. The idea is to encourage the concept of Repair-Renew-Reuse. It is all part of the circular economy, which is what Doughnut Economics is all about.

Une-Deux Café holds them on the second Saturday of every month. The café gives us the space for free. You can show your appreciation by buying a coffee or some delicious food.

Our experts do their best to fix:

  • Small electrical appliances (like kettles, toasters, lamps, radios, etc.)
  • Clothes (patching, hemming, let in or out)
  • Computer and electronic problems diagnosed (software & hardware), and sometimes fixed too
  • General items, including toys, glued, nailed, screwed, stitched, or checked for mechanical faults

And we have DIY people who are clever at seeing what is wrong with something and knowing how to fix it.

Please be aware that repairs are done upstairs, so all items must be small enough to carry in your arms. Note also that the area is not suitable for children for health and safety reasons.

One of the special aspects of a Repair Café is that you get to stay with the repairer while your item is being fixed. You may even learn how to fix it yourself next time.

From past experience, about 70% of items are successfully repaired. If you are happy with your repair, donations/koha gratefully received to help fund future Repair Cafés.

NB. There is usually plenty of parking in surrounding streets.

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