Auckland Pride Festival 2024


Regionwide, Auckland

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Thursday 1 February 2024 - Thursday 29 February 2024



Paid and free events

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The Auckland Pride Festival is an open-access arts, cultural, and community Festival. It’s comprised of major events delivered by Auckland Pride, such as the groundbreaking Te Tīmatanga, powerful Pride March, and the sensational Pride Party, and a diverse variety of events produced by artists, community organisers, and organisations.

Auckland Pride is committed to ensuring that our communities have spaces year round to share their stories, celebrate who they are, and fight for progress.

The 2024 programme festival favourites, include:

  • Pride March & Party on Sunday 25th February,
  • Big Gay Out on 18 Feb,
  • and many more events.

There will also be hundreds of events throughout the city with music, theatre, parties, drag, and so much more.

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