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Niuean Language Week

Celebrate the language and culture of Niue through music, stories and performance.

Beauty & The Beast

TAPAC & The Stage Company present a colourful and clever adaptation of the classic fairy-tale.

Barry Barclay: Ngāti

A film set in the fictional town of Kapua, Ngāti is the story of a Māori community.

A Lost Cause

After being inappropriately discharged from a mental health facility, six women navigate their lives.

Meet The Fakas

A clash of culture ensues as a student and her fiancé return to Niue from NZ in this witty comedy.

Hearts of Men

A heartfelt play about one man's war with himself over his culture, beliefs and love for boxing.

The Edible Garden

Discover how to create or better utilise your kitchen garden to grow your own foods and herbs.