Auckland businesses to benefit from partnership

Publish Date : 15 Dec 2015
Auckland businesses to benefit from partnership (1)

Auckland businesses will continue to receive support to help them grow and succeed, with the government announcing Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development’s (ATEED) re-appointment as Auckland’s Regional Business Partner (RBP) for the next five-and-a-half years. 

ATEED, Auckland’s economic growth agency and a council-controlled organisation, will continue to help Auckland small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) through the RBP programme as it’s done since 2011. This provides firms with access to business development know-how and research and development expertise. 

ATEED’s appointment, and those of RBP partner organisations in 14 other regions across New Zealand, were announced by the Government on 14 December. 

Thousands of businesses benefiting

Since 2011, 2,635 SMEs in Auckland have benefited from the RBP programme. The government is working in partnership with the regions to support more than 5,000 SMEs each year. 

A key change in the RBP programme is the inclusion of Business Mentors (which provides business mentoring for existing businesses) in the programme, with ATEED partnering with the Auckland Chamber of Commerce to deliver on this.  

Brett O’Riley, ATEED’s Chief Executive, says, “ATEED has a key role to play in supporting the growth and competitiveness of Auckland’s key sectors and businesses, working in partnership with the government, industry, tertiary institutions and other stakeholders. 

“We’re looking forward to continuing to provide this support through the Regional Business Partner programme, working with the Auckland Chamber of Commerce to connect Auckland businesses to the people and organisations that can help them grow.”

Learn more about how the RBP helps Auckland business

Argus Tracking is an excellent example of a local business that has benefited from the RBP programme. You can watch a short video of Argus Tracking’s experience with the RBP and ATEED below:


Find out more about how ATEED can support your business.

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