Council offers tips to avoid flooding

Last Updated : 01 Mar 2018
Flooding March 2017
Heavy rain can lead to flooding, especially in low-lying areas like this scene from March 2017. Remember, never drive through floodwaters and prepare for heavy rain at home by clearing drains and guttering. 

A slow-moving rain band is drifting across Auckland today, with forecasts of intense, localised downpours. 

The ground is already saturated with water after heavy rainfall of the past few days, meaning that there is an increased risk of surface flooding in the Waitākere Ranges and the Hunua Ranges. 

Auckland Council’s General Manager Healthy Waters, Craig Mcilroy, shares some tips for how Aucklanders can prepare.

“If it’s safe to do so, we suggest checking that your drains or outside cesspit are clear, to reduce the risk of flooding,” Craig says.

“It's best to do this before the bad weather hits – we recommend clearing strip drains and gutters on private property so that they’re free of any blockages that may be caused by litter, leaves, sticks and other objects.

“Taking simple precautions like these will help to reduce obstructions and minimise the risk of overflowing and flooding on your property.”

Stay safe and avoid unnecessary risks


  • Make sure you always drive to the conditions.
  • Never drive through floodwaters or over slips.
  • Avoid areas where flooding has occurred and, if roads are closed, observe these closures at all times.
  • If you find yourself stuck in flooding, get out of your car as quickly as possible and move to higher ground.
  • Take care driving after heavy rainfall and winds, as some roads may be slippery and affected by slips or debris.
  • Drive slowly and carefully.
  • Follow Auckland Transport (Facebook and Twitter) for up-to-date closure information.


  • If your property or suburb may be affected by slips and power outages, prepare for the possibility that road access may be cut off.
  • Ensure you have a supply of food and provisions in case you find your property isolated.
  • Treat power lines as live at all times.
  • Report flooding and trees down on public land to Auckland Council on 09 301 0101.
  • Debris can become stuck in drains – if you see this call the council.
  • If your property is damaged, take photographs for your insurer as early as possible

Further information about flooding and blockages can be found on the council’s website.

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