D'Oyly Reserve: your feedback has made a world of difference

Publish Date : 02 Feb 2018
D'Oyly Reserve 3
D'Oyly Reserve 2017
D'Oyly Reserve 4
Aerial of D'Oyly Reserve 2017
D'Oyly Reserve 5
Aerial of D'Oyly Reserve 2017
D'Oyly Reserve
Artist impression of D'Oyly Reserve
D'Oyly Reserve 2
Artists impression of D'Oyly Reserve

When we proposed the D'Oyly Reserve Environmental Enhancement project to the community in 2016, we sought your feedback on a range of different aspects, from the planting and seating, to how much potential for interaction with the water you thought would be suitable.

Now, site preparation for construction has begun at D'Oyly and we thought you'd like to hear how your feedback changed our plan to better suit your community.

Planting was a hot topic in your feedback, with a strong theme of native species and specimen fruit trees coming through. To accommodate this, more than 20,000 native plants will be planted. The thought of plucking fruit from several well-tended trees in the reserve was also well received, which is why we intend to plant plum and mandarin trees along with native trees for both educational and eating purposes.

D'Oyly Reserve 1
Artists impression of D'Oyly Reserve

A range of ‘informal’ seating options garnered your support, so we are planning for suitably placed rocks and logs to form the backbone of this talking point. Respondents were also interested in opportunities for interacting with the stream, which is why we’ve incorporated this potential into our final design.

Some of the feedback we received was concerned at the thought we might remove the playground, rubbish bins, or open spaces but you can be assured the playground will remain untouched for kids to burn off energy, any rubbish bins that may require removal during construction will be replaced and there will be open space for everyone (even the family dog!) to enjoy.

Local contractors, CW Glasgow, will be working onsite until September 2018 and they will ensure pedestrian access through the reserve remains available, but please take care to follow the appropriate signage.

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