Putting people first remains a top priority for Auckland Transport

Publish Date : 01 Oct 2018

Auckland Transport has released its Annual Report which shows how the organisation has performed in 2017/18 against its Statement of Intent.

Some of the highlights from the 2017/18 year include opening the 3.4km Waterview Shared Path, launching the east and central new bus networks, opening the new $39 million Manukau Bus Station, launching two electric buses on the City Link service and opening the upgraded $16 million Pukekohe bus and train station.

The updated Auckland Transport Alignment Project (ATAP) was also signed in the 2017/18 year, which commits to a $28 billion investment in the transport network in partnership with the Government and Auckland Council.

Public transport has been a key focus for AT, and in the past year patronage has risen 4.4 per cent. There were 92.3 million trips made on public transport in the 2017/18 year. Walking and cycling infrastructure was also a priority and 38 per cent of Aucklanders now ride a bike, which was reflected in the Active Modes Research.

Another highlight is the Whangaparaoa Road dynamic lane trial that helps commuters get to work and back home faster by transforming the median strip to another traffic lane in the morning and afternoon. This increases the road's capacity and reduces congestion during peak times.

A 'Vision Zero' approach

Moving forward into next year, AT chair, Dr Lester Levy says that reducing death and serious injury is the number one priority.

"To deliver on the Vision Zero principle that no death on the road network is acceptable, we will need the support of many agencies and, importantly, that of each and every Aucklander.

"We are committed to making the entire road network safe by moving towards a Vision Zero approach to make our infrastructure safe for everyone, recognising that we are all human and can make mistakes behind the wheel."

Dr Levy says to improve safety, congestion and lower emission levels there needs to be fewer single-occupant vehicles.

Auckland Transport's Chief Executive Shane Ellison was appointed to the role earlier this year and says "This year we have seen a shift in focus to owning our role as a change agent in the immense paradigm shift the world is undergoing.

"Technology is reshaping some of our most fundamental concepts about who we are. We are valuing access over ownership, personalised experiences over standardised products, interaction over passive one-way flows."

The full annual report can be found on the Auckland Transport website.

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