Illegal gardeners remove walkway plants in Papakura

Plants chopped back

Last Updated : 14 May 2019
Walkway users upset about illegal gardening
Walkway users upset about illegal gardening (1)

Illegal gardening along council walkways and paths is setting users against neighbours.

Papakura Local Board chair Brent Catchpole says the board has had complaints from path users upset at plants being cut back or removed along walkways.

"It’s more common than we would like. The latest complaints came in about the Karaka Harbourside Walkway, where trees, shrubs and native plants on council-owned land have been pruned, felled and removed from in front of homes overlooking the harbour.

"It isn’t any different than going on to a neighbouring property and felling their plants. You just wouldn’t do it, so why anyone would believe it is acceptable to do it to council-owned plants is beyond us. It’s very frustrating."

Pathways across the board area have been subjected to vandalism, forcing replanting programmes at ratepayer expense.

"You have to assume a lot of the plants are being cut back to improve views along the coastal paths. But most of the plantings are there to stabilise banks and chopping things down adds to the danger of heavy rain causing banks to slip, and threatening the pathways, and the properties."

Report an issue

Mr Catchpole says anyone with concerns about plants along walkways can call Auckland Council on 09 301 0101 to log an issue.

“We would far rather work with people than be forced to use court action, but people should know we won’t rule that out in serious causes.”

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