Upgraded track protects kauri roots

Last Updated : 20 Jun 2019
New track protects Kauri roots (1)
New track protects Kauri roots (2)

Kohuroa Stream Track in Matheson Bay is a hidden gem. Following the stream, the track leads through native bush to a swimming hole and past a kauri stand before ending at Leigh Road.

But several years ago, the poor state of the track, flood damage, an invasion of weeds and the risk of kauri dieback called the Matheson Bay Neighbourhood Association into action.

After clearing weeds from the stretch between the swimming hole and Leigh Road, association members used funds from Rodney Local Board to upgrade one end of the track from a slippery mud surface to a dry metal track.

They built a new boardwalk to bypass the stream and redirected the upper path well away from kauri roots. Along with managing weed control, they also initiated the installation of several spray stations.

New track protects Kauri roots

Association Secretary Peter Spence says the work has made a big difference as people can now walk the track all year round.

“Affectionately called the goat track, the old path’s unformed surface was difficult to negotiate, and the lower areas flooded during winter," he says.

“An elderly resident has said that she is delighted that she can now walk the track from Leigh Road all the way to the lower reserve at the beach.”

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