The lights are on at Deep Creek sports field

Publish Date : 30 May 2019
The lights are on at Deep Creek sports field
New floodlights for Deep Creek Reserve sports field.

Sports players have more time to play following the installation of floodlights at a Torbay sports field.

The $1.25 million upgrade of Deep Creek Reserve attracted regional growth funding and is now complete. It also includes a three-quarter-size sand carpet training pitch, a sealed car park, an accessible public toilet, more seating, trees, plants, new signage and road-frontage bollards.

Hibiscus and Bays Local Board Chair Julia Parfitt says there is a big demand on sports fields in the local board area and it makes sense to invest in these.

“Junior football can play here during winter and the upgrade adds much-needed capacity for these teams.

“Sports fields are busy throughout the year and must be fit for purpose for the sports codes and groups that run various programmes on them.

“Our investment in parks, sport and recreation totals more than 85 per cent of the board’s total capital budget and is our key focus,” she says.

Now that the upgrade is complete and playing time has increased by 12 hours a week, attention has shifted to fixing the fence at the back of the upper reserve. This work is expected to take several weeks and is weather dependent. It will require a safety fence that will impact slightly on teams training because a small part of the field will be fenced off temporarily.

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