Ecological restoration prioritised by Ōrākei Local Board for 2019/20

Publish Date : 15 Jul 2019
Newmarket Stream
Restoration work at Newmarket Stream.

Ōrākei Local Board has approved its 2019/20 work programme which aims to achieve aspirations set out in the 2017 local board plan.

Chairperson Kit Parkinson says the highlight for the local board is their $339,900 investment into ecological restoration across the local board area. 

The figure represents a 15 per cent increase on the local board’s environmental investment in 2018/2019 and show’s commitment to their aspiration that "the natural environment is valued, protected and enhanced by our communities".

The investment will go towards 10 key projects identified as priorities in the local board area. These projects are:

  •   Newmarket Stream community restoration project - $15,000
  •   Madills Farm stream restoration project - $16,200
  •   Hobson Bay Catchment Care Project (Waiata Reserve) - $31,200
  •   Victoria Portland Significant Ecological Area restoration - $10,000
  •   Eastern Bays Songbird Initiative - $70,000
  •   Community environmental enhancement fund - $20,000
  •   Tāmaki Estuary Environmental Forum (Ōrākei) - $5000
  •   Ecological restoration on local parks - $151,000
  •   School moth plant competition - $6500
  •   Ōrākei school marine project - $15,000.

Within these projects, of particular focus for the local board in 2019/20 is Madills Farm, Hobson Bay, Newmarket Stream, the Eastern Bays Songbird catchment area and a number of parks across the local board area including the Stonefields Heritage Trail and wetlands. 

“Our local board is incredibly passionate about the restoration and preservation of our local ecological areas. Our children’s children will depend on what we do now to protect the environment,” said Mr Parkinson.

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