Auckland can and will beat COVID-19 again, says Mayor Goff

Last Updated : 17 Sep 2020
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Mayor Phil Goff said Aucklanders have beaten COVID-19 before and they will beat it again.

“After enjoying our almost unique status of being COVID free for over 100 days, it’s devastating for all of us to see its reemergence,” said Mayor Goff.

“However, we know from experience that going hard and going early is the best way to stop COVID-19’s spread.

“Melbourne’s experience shows us that if we don’t take that approach, COVID’s spread can be rampant, with a big cost on human well-being and lives. In the end an even stricter lockdown becomes necessary, which has high economic costs as well.

“I welcome the fact that we are not going back to a Level 4 lockdown. But even at Level 3 I know this means personal sacrifices for people and for businesses and I thank Aucklanders for that.

“The extension of the wage subsidy and the leave scheme will be crucial to support businesses as we navigate the next two weeks.

“I want to remind Aucklanders to be patient and kind, and to act responsibly. The last lockdown clearly showed we will not run out of supermarket supplies, so please do not hoard or panic buy.”

Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore said, “Given the virulence of this virus, we need to take a precautionary approach to ensure that Auckland can emerge into clear weather.

“Level 3 strikes the right balance between an effective response to the resurgence, and supporting our economy. So many businesses have already taken a hard hit this year.”

Mayor Goff agreed. “To beat the virus, we need to work together,” he said.

“It means all of us observing the rules of social distancing, washing our hands regularly and it’s wise to wear a face mask in public.

“Those who have flu-like symptoms need to contact their GP or Healthline and get tested,” Phil Goff said.

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