Horsing around in regional parks brings responsibilities

Keep kauri healthy when out on the trail

Last Updated : 26 Aug 2020
Horsing around in regional parks brings responsibilities
Credit: Richard Leonard

Aucklanders love their regional parks and being in the great outdoors – it’s hard to beat.

With the enjoyment of the outdoors comes responsibility for our environment.

Whether you're going for a morning jog, walking the dog, hiking through the bush, or riding the trails, it is critical to consider the risk of spreading kauri dieback disease.

And that applies to those riding horses in our regional parks too.

Following recent rainfall across the region, it’s timely to remind riders enjoying our green open spaces of the danger kauri dieback poses to our kauri forests.

Equestrian in parks
Credit: Richard Leonard

When riding through kauri areas there are several key actions to take to help keep kauri safe:                           

  • prepare for your ride by arriving at your destination with your equipment, vehicle and horse soil free
  • park your vehicle and tack-up on a dry surface; avoid mud or wet areas
  • keep a cleaning kit in your truck/ float or saddle bag that includes a dandy brush to remove soil from the legs and belly, a hoofpick and an adequate supply of SteriGene
  • stay on the designated tracks and comply with any signage.
  • clean hooves, footwear, and your horses’ coat before leaving for home; avoid taking any soil from your ride with you.

Being in the great outdoors is a privilege; let’s all do our part to ensure kauri forests remain to be enjoyed by future generations to come.

For how-to guides and further information on kauri dieback click here.

Get key information for horse riding around kauri in Auckland’s regional parks in this downloadable PDF.

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