Mayor Goff on government’s announcement of Level 3 Step 2 in Auckland

Publish Date : 01 Nov 2021
City From Shore Sunset 2

Mayor Phil Goff has welcomed the announcement today that retail outlets and institutions like libraries and museums will likely reopen to the public from 11.59pm on Tuesday 9 November.

“The government has the difficult task of balancing the need to contain the spread of COVID-19 to avoid it overwhelming our hospital system with the need to retain continuing public compliance with restrictions. It is also mindful of the impact of the ongoing lockdown on jobs, businesses and overall wellbeing,” Phil Goff said.

“By next Tuesday, over 90 per cent of eligible people in all three of Auckland’s district health boards will likely have had their first vaccination and fully vaccinated people have already reached 80 per cent in Auckland.

“In that light, a progressive easing of restrictions would make sense—having regard, however, to the advice from the Director General of Health.

“Notwithstanding this gradual easing of restrictions, it remains critically important for everyone to continue to follow the protocols and rules designed to keep people safe and contain the spread of the virus,” Phil Goff said.

Information about Auckland Council venues and facilities at Level 3 Step 2 will be available on the council website in due course.

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