The art and science of managing society’s resources well

Publish Date : 04 Apr 2022
Gary Blick 2 Photo Credit Bryan Lowe Auckland Council Resize
Auckland Council’s Chief Economist Gary Blick

We asked Auckland Council’s Chief Economist Gary Blick to explain economics in words that would be easy to understand.

He said it’s about society’s resources and how they are used to improve wellbeing.

This quarter’s edition of the Auckland Economic Quarterly (AEQ) looks at how cities create value and explores how well we might be fulfilling our potential in Auckland.

Are we getting the fundamentals right – such as using our land well and enabling Aucklanders to get around?  What are the implications for Auckland’s liveability and productivity?

How might future Aucklanders look back at the decisions made in 2022, with respect to the choices they’ll have for access to jobs, transport links, and amenities.

To read the full AEQ for March quarter 2022 click here.

Navigating change

At Auckland Council, we’re working hard towards shaping a flourishing, prosperous, socially equitable and environmentally responsible Tāmaki Makaurau, with liveable neighbourhoods connected by efficient public transport.  

To find out how you can play a part, visit our Growing Together page.

And for more on the challenges and opportunities of change in our growing city, join this Auckland Conversations online event on Wednesday 6 April at 5.30pm. Register here.

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