Wanted: Users for Ōpaheke Sports Park

Publish Date : 02 Jun 2022
Papakura Local Board wants to ensure development at Ōpaheke Sports Park is geared to meeting sports clubs' needs well into the future.

Sports clubs will be invited to express an interest in using the Ōpaheke Sports Park complex so decisions on developing it further can be made.

Papakura Local Board has asked council staff to identify potential users to understand their needs and commitment to using the park.

“It’s essential decision-making around the complex is informed by a good understanding of what clubs and sports want to be there, and their needs for the future,” Board chair Brent Catchpole says.

“Part of our Papakura Sports Needs Assessment Plan is about making sure we develop facilities that are fit for purpose. As part of that we want to future-proof Ōpaheke so that the complex and its facilities meet our peoples’ needs well into the future.”

He says practical factors such as water and wastewater connections have to be considered.

“Long-term we are aiming at creating a multi-purpose sporting facility that is shaped by the status of future users and subsequent community needs.”

The board has also asked for more information on any limitations to developing on top of the exiting toilet and changing room facilities.

It also supports United Cricket Club and the Counties Manukau zone of the New Zealand Rugby League’s continuing use of the park, alongside welcoming new users to come forward.

In 2020 the board resolved to proceed to concept design options for clubrooms, and they were developed in line with potential user requirements, board budgets and structural constraints.

Since then, infrastructure issues around sourcing water and wastewater disposal have arisen. Current infrastructure meets existing needs, but changes might be needed to bring about more use.

Council parks staff have recommended a more suitable water and wastewater system be installed before further development and say confirming potential users would also help with decision-making.  

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