Shaping Windmill Park for the future

Publish Date : 13 Jul 2022
Windmill Park

Community views and input are needed to help shape a future plan for Windmill Park in Mt Eden.

The first step is understanding how the park is currently used by everyone, what’s important to people about the park and what the community would like to see in the future before a master plan is created.

Windmill Park is an important park. It is a site of significance for Maori and has midden, is named after the mill that was on an adjoining site and is known for its sporting facilities for tennis, netball and cricket. It has a noteworthy history and in 1975 the Netball World Championships were held there.

Over the years, work has been carried out to maintain the Park’s facilities and replant the hillside.

However, in 2016 a fire destroyed the grandstand building at the park and in 2021 one of the clubroom buildings was demolished as it was no longer safe to occupy.

This has paved the way to think about what could be achieved in the park in the future.

Community and stakeholders are invited to have a say on:

  1. How Windmill Park is currently used, what works well and doesn’t work.
  2. What the community would like to do at Windmill Park now and into the future.
  3. What the community think about different development ideas for Windmill Park.

How to have your say:

  1. Complete the online survey until 3 August 2022
  2. Attend the Windmill Park Open-Day onsite to share your views with staff. 30 July 2022, Windmill Park, Epsom, 11am – 2pm
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