Brown Seeks “Team Of 21+”

Publish Date : 13 Oct 2022

Incoming Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown says he continues to be very impressed with the calibre, insights and professionalism of re-elected and incoming councillors and members of the Independent Māori Statutory Board.

He has emphasised to all of them that he wants to ensure they all have meaningful and challenging roles, with real decision-making powers and associated accountabilities.

Mr Brown met today with Andy Baker, Ken Turner and David Taipari and Tau Henare of the Independent Māori Statutory Board. Maurice Williamson could not met Mr Brown today because of a family situation but the two have spoken by phone.

Today’s meetings follow those with Greg Sayers, Wayne Walker, Chris Darby, Shane Henderson, Richard Hills, Christine Fletcher, John Watson, Sharon Stewart, Mike Lee, Angela Dalton, Desley Simpson, Alf Filipaina and Daniel Newman through Tuesday and Wednesday.

Meetings with Lotu Fuli and Josephine Bartley will be held early next week. Meetings will also be scheduled for early next week with the winners of the close contests in Albert-Eden-Puketapapa and Whau, expected to be known this weekend.

“My job as the new leader of the governing body is to end the mistrust and enmity among councillors that has been raised during this week’s meetings and to form the unified team that our great city and wider region deserves,” Mr Brown said this afternoon.

“Including the Independent Māori Statutory Board, my goal is a team of 21+.”

Mr Brown also responded to comments by the chairperson and board of directors of Eke Panuku Development, after he called on them to resign.

“There is nothing new in what I said and obviously they can’t all resign on the same day. But I stand by what I said throughout the campaign: that they should all resign and that I am yet to be convinced Eke Panuku Development should exist at all,” he said.

Mr Brown will be working off site tomorrow and taking most of the weekend to recharge and reflect after the six-month campaign and first week on the job.

He plans to set out priorities for key Council-Controlled Organisations (CCOs) next week, building on his campaign promises, the feedback he received at over 300 campaign events, and the views of the incoming governing body and Independent Māori Statutory Board.

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