More funds found for critical projects

Publish Date : 24 Feb 2023
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Your are never quite so free as when you are dancing! Lloyd Elsmore has been the venue for Music in Parks and countless community events.

Asbestos has caused a $190,000 funding shuffle for Howick Local Board.

Another $70,000 has been allocated to the renewal of the Lloyd Elsmore Park toilet facility after damage to a soffit exposed asbestos.

Parts of the roof’s timber framing have been damaged by water and will also need to be fixed.

Howick Local Board chair Damian Light says asbestos is a health and safety priority, making a full removal essential.

Funding will allow for a full replacement of the popular library's roof.

Funding will allow for a full replacement of the popular library's roof.

And another $120,000 in funding has been brought forward from future years so the Highland Park Library roof can be replaced after leaks, water damage and asbestos were discovered.

“A new roof is needed because there are numerous leaks, water getting in is causing other issues, and asbestos is also present, so just as at the toilets, that needs to be managed promptly.

“Increasing this financial year’s budget, does mean the roof can be completed ahead of winter.”

Finding the $190,000 needed saw the board move money already allocated to renewing facilities at Howick Domain to cover the shortfall.

Light says allocated budget from this financial year would not have been spent because of the need for large-scale scoping and design to be completed.

Lloyed Elsmore sits at the heart of community life in the Howick Ward.

The board has also received a performance report to the end of last year, which noted the finances, work programme progress, and challenges ahead.

Light says the report highlighted several environmental successes, notably Pest Free Howick being named a finalist in three 2022 New Zealand Biosecurity Award categories, particular for its work with schools combating moth plant, planting programmes and ongoing weed control at Ōtara Creek.

“A high number of volunteer hours - 900 in total - reflects the community’s support for programmes, especially at several different clean-up events.

“As a board, we’re grateful for that support. Volunteer hours are exactly that – people giving us their time. It’s thousands and thousands of dollars of labour the community gifts us because people want to make their home a better place.”

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