Puketāpapa gets $13+ million boost

Publish Date : 11 Jul 2024

Services, facilities and environmental outcomes in Puketāpapa are being topped up to the tune of more than $13 million from the local board’s recent budget allocation.

This investment was approved by Puketāpapa Local Board to support the board’s goals outlined in its 2023 plan, which prioritises local outcomes and aligns with the Auckland Plan.

Funding allocated to projects, which will be spread across the Puketāpapa area including Hillsborough, Lynfield, Mt Roskill, Three Kings and Wesley, will include:

  • programmes for community development, events, play, sport, recreation and the environment

  • grants for community groups and facilities

  • maintenance and operational budgets for parks and community facilities like libraries, pools, recreation and community centres.

An additional $155,000 was approved for work on environmentally-focused outcomes.

Board chair Ella Kumar is thrilled with the incoming work which will strengthen Puketāpapa’s offerings.

“We are very pleased to have made these budget decisions for our area which community will hugely benefit from,” she says.

“Projects like community and strategic partnerships grants, local events, EcoNeighbourhoods and funding a climate action activator provide tangible outcomes for local residents, harder-to-reach communities and our treasured natural environment.

“The significant investment towards our grants programmes supports strong local leadership for communities to be more resilient and supportive of each other, particularly through challenging times.

“Local events are also a priority because it’s important that Puketāpapa’s cultural diversity is proudly celebrated and supporting events enables local businesses to contribute to both economic growth and vibrancy – embracing richness that comes from our diverse backgrounds and talents,” explains chair Kumar.

“The board also has a keen interest in the climate action activator and EcoNeighbourhoods projects as this work educates our community and puts climate resilience front of mind so residents are better prepared and can live more sustainably.”

Funding the climate action activator helps achieve the local board’s commitment to reduce climate impacts through implementing an action plan for becoming a low-carbon community and guiding local action in response to the climate emergency.

EcoNeighbourhoods is a project that coordinates groups of neighbours from different households to adopt sustainable low-carbon practices, increasing resilience to climate change impacts. Groups receive up to 12 hours facilitation support and up to $1,000 worth of incentives, discounts and/or training with a focus on reducing energy demand, reducing waste, trialing sustainable transport options and increasing local food production.

Projects were developed based on consideration of community needs, availability of resources and funding, Te Tiriti o Waitangi obligations, external partnerships and risk assessment, and align with Annual Budget and Long-term Plan decisions.

Work on these projects commence from 1 July 2024 and is expected to be completed 30 June 2025, with ongoing projects tentatively approved to roll on in future years.

Full reports of the approved work programmes are available here.

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