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Beaches 11 Jan 2019

How to relax and recharge in Auckland this summer

Here are four ways to get a bit of peace and quiet this summer in Auckland.

Parks / Outdoors 20 Dec 2018

Where to beat the heat this summer

Check out some of the best places around Auckland to escape the heat during summer.

Beaches 18 Dec 2018

Auckland day trips to take this summer

Celebrate summer with our pick of the best day trips throughout the region.

Beaches 13 Nov 2018

Auckland Council reaffirms commitment to tackling climate change

Auckland Council continues to address our changing climate and recommits to membership of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.

Beaches 31 Oct 2018

17 things to do in Auckland in spring

Top picks for enjoying the warmer days and long spring evenings.

Beaches 5 Oct 2018

Dogs welcome on many Auckland beaches

Owners should check the council website and read the signs at each local beach to make sure they’re following the rules.

Sports / Leisure 17 Sep 2018

101 park must-do's

Here are 101 fun and affordable ideas to get you exploring Auckland's parks.

Beaches 10 Aug 2018

Policy review on dogs

We have recently completed a review of our policy on dogs and related bylaws so that we can continue to improve the way dogs are managed.

Beaches 9 Jul 2018

Safeswim receives 2018 Smart Cities Award

IDC today announced Auckland's Safeswim program as the winner of the Smart Water Category, in the Smart Cities Asia Pacific Awards.

Beaches 21 Jun 2018

Tackling erosion at Shelly Beach foreshore

New groynes and a seawall will help fight erosion at Shelly Beach, Kaipara Harbour.

Walkways 11 May 2018

The best way to explore Waiheke

Explore Waiheke’s coastline, pass through native bush and visit historical sites, all in a day’s walk on the Te Ara Hura walkways.

Environment 12 Apr 2018

Calling together a dotterel forum

You’ve heard of a baby-sitter, a dog-walker – but ever come across a dotterel minder?

Dogs 4 Apr 2018

Top tips for happy winter dogs

Winter is coming so it’s nearly time to dig out those winter woollies and get the raincoat ready.

Beaches 28 Mar 2018

A summer of Safeswim

Safeswim is changing the way we think about our water.

Beaches 13 Feb 2018

Safeswim: jump online before you jump in the water

Auckland Council's Safeswim forecasting programme is up and running.

Community 5 Feb 2018

Watch the swells and wear a lifejacket

The sun may be out but don’t be fooled into thinking conditions are safe, Auckland’s rock fishing safety task force warns fishers.