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Walkways 4 Jun 2019

Give us your thoughts on Akl Paths and be in to win!

$500 Rebel Sport voucher up for grabs.

Community 14 Mar 2019

What lower speed limits mean for public health

Dr Michael Hale of Auckland Regional Public Health Service tells us why speed is a factor in public health.

Cycling 18 Feb 2019

Make a pledge to cycle to work during Bike Month

Cycling to work is a win that’s good for your wallet, your health and the planet, swap four wheels for two this Bike Month.

Cycling 8 Feb 2019

Community bike fund open for applications

Auckland Transport's Community Bike Fund is available to support cycling initiatives and projects.

Cycling 24 Jan 2019

Getting more children on bikes

Auckland Bike Challenge partners with Variety to get more children on bikes.

Cycling 11 Jan 2019

Discover Auckland by bike this summer

The holidays are the perfect time to explore Auckland over summer.

Transport 12 Dec 2018

When and where 30km/h is just ‘right’

We will soon be consulting on a region-wide bylaw which could see speed limits reduced by June 2019.

Cycling 3 Dec 2018

Why we're committed to walking and cycling

Auckland Transport Chief Executive Shane Ellison explains why we're investing in active modes.

Transport 3 Nov 2018

Auckland e-scooter pilot underway

A trial has been granted to operate e-scooters on Auckland streets

Beaches 31 Oct 2018

17 things to do in Auckland in spring

Top picks for enjoying the warmer days and long spring evenings.

Cycling 4 Oct 2018

Seven safety tips for magpie swooping season

Nesting magpies can be particularly aggressive about defending their young – see how to stay safe when they swoop.

Cycling 17 Sep 2018

Construction started on Quay Street Cycleway Extension

Auckland Transport has started construction on extending one of the city’s busiest cycleways.

Community 13 Sep 2018

The road to zero

AT Chief Executive Shane Ellison explains why AT is committed to improving road safety in our region.

Mayor 23 Aug 2018

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff welcomes Skypath commitment

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has welcomed the government’s pledge of $67 million to build Skypath, the long-awaited walkway and cycleway across Auckland Harbour.

Transport 7 Aug 2018

Six more red light safety cameras to save lives

Cameras are being installed at high-risk intersections to reduce dangerous driving and help save lives.

Cycling 3 Aug 2018

All about people on bikes

Catch the new TV series People on Bikes starting this Sunday.