Environment 4 Aug 2016

New inorganic service helping in our communities

A social enterprise is working with Auckland Council's inorganic collection to provide appliances for those in need.

Educational 4 Aug 2016

Watch: Recycling myths busted

Confused about what you should be recycling? Watch the NZ Herald's interview with Auckland Council's Parul Sood to get the lowdown.

Environment 28 Jul 2016

Four simple ways you can use less plastic

With the end of Plastic Free July coming up, we take a look at easy ways to use less plastic for good.

Parks / Outdoors 15 Jul 2016

Lake Pupuke water quality tested following spill

Auckland Council water samples taken at Lake Pupuke, following an oil spill last month, show fuel contamination levels are below the limit of detection.

Environment 13 Jul 2016

Please - no plastic bags

We ask that new and seasoned recyclers remember that plastic bags and other soft plastics still can’t go in the recycling bins.

Environment 8 Jul 2016

Zoo Tales: Zoofari

We were delighted to welcome students from Oturu School who drove a whopping 300km from Kaitaia to Auckland to be part of The Warehouse Zoofari programme. Watch these animal-mad kids on their big Auckland Zoo adventure!

Environment 5 Jul 2016

Check before you chop

Please 'Check before you chop' and seek advice from the council before felling or damaging a protected tree.

Environment 1 Jul 2016

Zoo Tales: Oiled wildlife response

This past week, zoo staff and vets have been working with Auckland Council and Wildbase Oil Response to help care for birds affected by a diesel spill into Lake Pupuke.

Environment 7 Jun 2016

5 recycling myths busted

We take a look at five of the most common myths about recycling and bust them.

Environment 25 May 2016

Would you use a self-drive car?

The Ministry of Transport has suggested that CAVs are the way to cut vehicle emissions, improve safety, and reduce congestion - particularly in Auckland.

Environment 20 May 2016

Sustainability award for Panuku

The head of sustainability at Panuku Development Auckland has been honoured with a national energy leadership award.

Educational 29 Apr 2016

Survey shows Kiwis want to combat kauri dieback

Almost 90 per cent of all those surveyed by Colmar Brunton agreed that it is “important” or “very important” to manage kauri dieback, even given the other threats to kauri forests.

Environment 28 Apr 2016

One bag of rubbish a year?

OurAuckland spoke with Auckland Council’s Waste Solutions Senior Advisor, Waveney Warth, who has some great tips those keen on a low-waste lifestyle.

Environment 13 Apr 2016

Watch what happens to your inorganics collection

Find out what happens to your inorganics collection.

Development 8 Apr 2016

Māori urban design expert joins the council

This week Auckland Council welcomed new staff member Phil Wihongi. Phil joins the council as the Mana Whenua Urban Design Principal Specialist for the Auckland Design Office. OurAuckland caught up with Phil to find out about his background and what the role entails.

Community 5 Apr 2016

Stormy weather brings out our defences

On Wednesday 23 March more than 100,000 people viewed the OurAuckland website and to get up to date information about a predicted storm and its impact on Auckland.