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Environment 22 Sep 2016

Giant egg-shaped air vent takes shape on Great North Road

A giant ventilation stack to remove exhaust emissions from inside the Waterview Connection tunnels is starting to take shape on Great North Road.

Business / Economy 19 Sep 2016

City Rail Link receives sustainability rating

The City Rail Link has been awarded a ‘Leading’ Infrastructure Sustainability Design rating by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia.

Community 16 Sep 2016

Meet waste champion Winnie Lenihan

Take a look at a day in the life of a WasteWise Advisor – and learn some of Winnie's tips for doing your bit.

Environment 15 Sep 2016

Young Aucklander champions plastic-free kaupapa

17-year-old plastic-conscious blogger Ariana Brunet shares her thoughts on refusing plastic.

Plans / Projects 2 Sep 2016

No risk for cancer trials under proposed Unitary Plan

Clinical trials and medical applications involving GMOs would not be put at risk under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.

Environment 2 Sep 2016

Watch: Communities making the most of waste

Working towards a zero waste Auckland by 2040 is no easy task.

Environment 22 Aug 2016

Join the war on weeds: Jasmine

It might look pretty and smell sweet, but jasmine is a highly invasive weed that kills other plants and native seedlings by smothering them.

Environment 18 Aug 2016

Auckland reaches climate change milestone

The Carbon Disclosure Project has just published Auckland’s emissions inventory and it shows that we have managed to minimise emissions increases despite an increasing population.

Environment 17 Aug 2016

A new look for Tidy Kiwi

New Zealand's much loved anti-littering character is undergoing a makeover and so far 15,000 students are taking part.

Environment 11 Aug 2016

How many times can it be recycled?

Some materials can only be recycled a certain number of times before they have to go to landfill – find out which ones.

Business / Economy 11 Aug 2016

New Progress Snapshot boosts council’s transparency

New initiative offers performance 'shapshot' at a glance.

Environment 4 Aug 2016

New inorganic service helping in our communities

A social enterprise is working with Auckland Council's inorganic collection to provide appliances for those in need.

Educational 4 Aug 2016

Watch: Recycling myths busted

Confused about what you should be recycling? Watch the NZ Herald's interview with Auckland Council's Parul Sood to get the lowdown.

Environment 28 Jul 2016

Four simple ways you can use less plastic

With the end of Plastic Free July coming up, we take a look at easy ways to use less plastic for good.

Parks / Outdoors 15 Jul 2016

Lake Pupuke water quality tested following spill

Auckland Council water samples taken at Lake Pupuke, following an oil spill last month, show fuel contamination levels are below the limit of detection.

Environment 13 Jul 2016

Please - no plastic bags

We ask that new and seasoned recyclers remember that plastic bags and other soft plastics still can’t go in the recycling bins.