City Centre Waterfront 2 Dec 2022

‘The pav’ lights up children’s eyes by day, and smashes Instagram by night

Affectionately called ‘the pav’ and described as a festive chess board, Santa’s kaleidoscope and a rainbow Parthenon, the Christmas pavilion in place at the lower end of Queen Street – at Te Komititanga square - is turning heads and captivating hearts.

Festive 1 Dec 2022

Decking the region out with festive joy

From carol singing through light displays to small festive festivals, there is something to help get you into the spirit of the season.

Festive 28 Nov 2022

Must See: Our new Queen Street all dressed up for Christmas

Trees lining the edges of Queen Street are already filled with Christmas lights, a pavilion will soon shine like a beacon of colour in Te Komititanga, and music and free performances will ring out across the square at lunchtimes and twilight.

Festive 10 Nov 2022

Bringing Christmas joy to Aucklanders in need

Auckland Council is supporting Auckland City Mission to bring Christmas joy to Aucklanders in need. Collection points for food and gift donations will be set up at the council’s service centres, libraries and pool and leisure centres from Monday 14 November until Friday 9 December.