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Community 10 Feb 2016

Auckland's city centre population soars

Auckland’s city centre population grew by five times its target rate last year - with more than 5000 people moving into the city.

Cultural 5 Feb 2016

Quality design: Grey Lynn's gravitational pull

The design is influenced by Sir Isaac Newton – and in particular his work in optics.

Business / Economy 26 Jan 2016

Auckland: a tale of two cities

Greg Clark, global cities advisor, visited Auckland last week. Here’s what he had to say about growth, liveability and housing.

Business / Economy 26 Jan 2016

Shamubeel Eaqub on Auckland housing

Economist Shamubeel Eaqub talks with John Campbell about housing in Auckland and what can be done.

Business / Economy 26 Jan 2016

Rewarding year for council’s geospatial team

Nathan Heazlewood, Programme Manager for Auckland Council’s Geospatial Future Mode of Operations Programme, explains the hard work and challenges behind three impressive team awards in 2015.

Housing 26 Jan 2016

Construction in Auckland continues to soar

A new survey has listed Auckland as the fourth most expensive city in the world to buy a house, growth and construction is booming and house prices are still rising – is there a feasible solution to calm Auckland’s property storm?

Development 25 Jan 2016

Housing remains a challenge for Auckland

Housing supply and affordability are ongoing challenges for many thriving cities worldwide. Auckland is no exception.

Housing 19 Jan 2016

Top tips to consider when hiring a builder

There are a number of handy tips and tricks to look out for when choosing a builder.

Housing 13 Jan 2016

Top tips for building inspections

You might want to hold off the champagne until you’ve got all your green lights from building inspectors.

Plans / Projects 23 Dec 2015

Opinion: Cracking Auckland's housing affordability challenge

Housing affordability is a hot topic in Auckland right now, and has been a key area for economists and policy makers.

Community 21 Dec 2015

Council to partner with Selwyn Foundation on community housing

Auckland Council on December 21 announced The Selwyn Foundation as the new community housing partner for its portfolio of homes for older Aucklanders.

Development 21 Dec 2015

Empty nesters head for the high-life

Auckland’s inner city, famous for accommodating overseas students, is attracting a new demographic grouping as empty-nesters join young professionals, forsaking the leafy suburbs for quality, well-designed apartments or terraced homes.

Development 18 Dec 2015

A plan for Auckland’s growth  

Auckland’s population is expected to reach at least 2.5 million people in 30 years, placing huge pressure on our existing housing, transport and other infrastructure.

Development 16 Dec 2015

Point Chevalier's incredible Zero Energy house

The Auckland Design Manual is the council’s best practice design guide full of tips, inspiration and information for people who are designing, building or developing in Auckland.

Community 11 Dec 2015

Community housing partner endorsed by Auckland Council

A new community housing partner has been selected to work with the council on social housing for older Aucklanders.

Community 3 Dec 2015

Affordable home ideas flow at Auckland Conversations

Innovative ways to make housing more affordable were put forward by experts at Auckland Conversations