Pest Free

Environment 18 Jul 2018

Kākā sightings on the rise in central Auckland

Conservation projects as part of Pest Free Auckland are contributing to a resurgence of native bird numbers in the city.

Environment 26 Jun 2018

Tips for starting your own pest-control group

Our top tips for starting a pest-control group in your neighbourhood.

Community 24 May 2018

War on rabbits

A virus to control wild rabbit populations across the region will be released in 2019.

14-24 year olds 23 May 2018

Meet Pest Free Heroes – Inka, Hayley and Henry

This month, Our Auckland chats to not one but three young heroes.

Environment 16 Apr 2018

Auckland on the hunt for a Pied Piper

Can you guess how many native birds predators kill each year?

Environment 13 Apr 2018

Pesky skinks meet unlikely opposition

Auckland Council and the Department of Conservation have launched an unusual experiment to manage the threat of plague skinks on Great Barrier Aotea Great Barrier.

Environment 12 Apr 2018

Calling together a dotterel forum

You’ve heard of a baby-sitter, a dog-walker – but ever come across a dotterel minder?

Community 12 Apr 2018

Meet a pest-free hero: Stephanie Chamberlin

OurAuckland chats to Stephanie Chamberlin, who tackles conservation from the ground up.

Environment 10 Apr 2018

Conservation stops for no man (or woman)

What better way to spend your weekend than chatting about Auckland's pests and waterways?

Pest Free 28 Mar 2018

Help beat tree privet

Tree privet is a poisonous pest plant that can smother native species and cause asthma.

Dogs 6 Mar 2018

Sniffing out mice in the Antipodes Islands

Auckland Council biosecurity advisor Brian Shields is part of a team helping to eradicate mice from the Antipodes Islands.

Pest Free 15 Feb 2018

Dogs on a mission

A heroic doggie pair and their human are voyaging over the ocean on a pest-control mission this week.