List an event – user guide

You can use the guide below to help list your event through the OurAuckland digital submission form. 

We recommend using the Google Chrome browser to list an event.

Read about Event images here

Please email if you require further assistance. 

Event author

This contact information is for OurAuckland administration purposes only and will not be made available to the public.

Public contact information for the event can be added later in the form under "Event contact details".

Event name and type

Please enter the official name of the event and select as many event categories that apply to ensure your event can be found using our event search. Please only select categories that are relevant.

Event location

Include the full name of the venue and the full physical address so viewers can find the location on Google Maps.

If the event has multiple venues, please leave the "Name of venue" and "Address" fields blank and provide the full and specific details in the "Add note" field below.

Event date(s)

Enter the exact start date and time, and the exact end date and time for each session of your event. This will enable viewers to add an event session into their calendar.

If your event is happening over a long period of time with complicated and numerous event sessions that can’t be entered individually:

  • add one session only with the start date and time of the first session, and the end date and time of the final session
  • and ensure you include any supporting information (for example – facility opening hours, show times or timetables) in the "Add note" field below.

Costs and bookings

Please select either free or paid. If the event is paid, you will need to include the full cost details.

If booking is required to attend your event, provide a direct booking website link or other booking details.

Event content

Please add a description including all the relevant information about your event. This could include:

  • an outline, timetable or programme of the activities on offer
  • what the public can expect to see and do at the event
  • transport advice for getting to and from the event
  • who the event is most suitable for (for example – kids, adults only etc).

If event location and date information could not be easily captured in the "Event date(s)" and "Event location" fields, please include any supporting information in the "Add note" fields below them.

Event website link – If required or available, please provide a direct link to the event or facility website where more information can be found.

Contact details

If provided, this contact information will be available to the public.

Event images 

Please submit at least one image for your event listing. Images must be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .jpeg or .png

Each image needs to be less than 2MB and have a minimum width of 480 pixels and a minimum height of 365 pixels.

Please include image captions if required. These could include a description of the image, a location reference, copyright information or a photographer/artist credit.

If you would like to submit any supporting high-resolution images or open design files for OurAuckland magazine, please email them to (include the name of your event and the reference number provided in your email).