Media contacts

The contact details below are for journalists and other media professionals.

If you are a member of the public, please contact the Auckland Council call centre on 09 301 0101.

Auckland Council media contacts

Auckland Emergency Management

During an emergency response or civil defence emergency, the Public Information Management (PIM) duty phone will be activated. Please phone 021 837 176 to speak to the PIM duty manager.

At all other times, for general Auckland Emergency Management inquiries, please contact the Auckland Council media team.

Office of the Mayor

Media and Communications Manager
Will Edmonds
Phone: 021 826 925

Auckland Council Media Team

Please direct your media query to the contact listed below.

Please note we operate an on-call system at the weekends and public holidays. For time-sensitive queries, please call the on-call number on 021 199 0055. If the enquiry is non-urgent we will look forward to working with you once we’re all back online on a Monday.

Tracie Simpson, Media Relations Manager

Phone: 022 525 7445

Contact for:

  • Governance
  • People and Performance
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Legal

Eileen Cameron, Senior Media Specialist

Phone: 021 527 894

  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Corporate Property
  • ICT
  • Policy
  • Sustainability
  • Waste Management
  • Chief Economist

Katie Smith, Media Specialist

Phone: 021 593 806

Contact Katie for:

  • Licensing (inc. alcohol and street trading)
  • Regulatory Compliance (including bylaws)
  • Environmental health (inc. food grades)
  • Animal Management
  • Resource consents
  • Building consents

Sharne Parsons, Senior Media Specialist 

Phone: 021 549 894


Tarannum Shaikh, Media Specialist

Phone: 021 573 286

Contact Sharne and Tarannum for:

  • Biosecurity and Biodiversity
  • Engineering (including coastal management)
  • Environmental Programmes
  • Community Facilities
  • Arts, Community and Events
  • Parks (including cemeteries)
  • Pools and Leisure
  • Libraries
  • Auckland Emergency Management
  • Healthy Waters (Safeswim)
  • Plans & Places

If you are unsure, or your query doesn't fit into one of the categories, please contact Tracie Simpson, Media Relations Manager, on 022 525 7445 or

CCO media contacts

Auckland Transport

Media Relations Manager
Mark Hannan
Phone: 021 817 995

Senior Communications Advisor
Active modes - cycling and walking enquiries
Steph Hill
Phone: 021 531 819

Communications and Public Affairs Manager
Wally Thomas
Phone: 021 593 412

Senior Media Adviser
Natalie Polley
Phone: 021 569 194

Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development

Screen, film, investment, tripartite and corporate enquiries

Media Manager
Chris Gregory

Phone:027 292 3601

Anika Forsman
Phone: 022 026 1130

Economic Development
Melanya Burrows
Phone: 021 986 710

Screen Industry
Lester Thorley
Phone: 021 829 741

Panuku Development Auckland

Media Manager
Joanna Glasswell
Phone: 021 907 642

Regional Facilities Auckland

External Relations Director
Paul Brewer
Phone: 021 532 920

Watercare Services

Communications Manager
Rachel Hughes
Phone: 021 826 856