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Text 2 Desex

Published: 14 March 2017

To qualify for free desexing your dog must be registered and classified as menacing under the Dog Control Act 1996

Save on your dog registration

Published: 7 March 2017

You can reduce your dog registration costs by de-sexing your dog and gaining a Responsible Dog Owner Licence.

Dog owner sentenced following attack on son

Published: 3 March 2017

Auckland Council will be reviewing the judge’s findings following today’s sentencing of a man whose pitbull-mastiff cross attacked his four-year-old son, leaving him with horrific injuries to his face and head.

Help make our beaches fun for all

Published: 24 February 2017

In response to recent dog-related issues reported at Takapuna Beach, Devonport-Takapuna Local Board wanted to remind people about the rules in place at our beaches and encourage consideration for other beach users.

Beach etiquette for dogs

Published: 15 February 2017

There's nothing a dog loves more than a day at the beach, but living in Auckland means our four-legged friends need to learn to share the space with others. Make sure you and your dog are ready to display perfect manners when you hit the beach this summer.

Seven doggy day bag musts

Published: 3 February 2017

Make sure you've got these essential items on hand for trips to the beach with your dog.