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Waste essential services continue

Published: 27 March 2020

Here are the steps that you can take during this lockdown period to make sure your kerbside collection is picked up.

Waste collection services continue as usual

Published: 24 March 2020

As of 24 March 2020, Auckland’s kerbside rubbish, recycling and food scraps collections are considered essential services and will continue as usual.

Zero waste from head to tail

Published: 13 March 2020

The Kai Ika project is meeting the high demand for fish by using meat that was otherwise going to waste.

Hazardous waste sparking recycling truck fires

Published: 24 February 2020

Gas cooker canisters, lighter fluid cans, or a motor vehicle cambelt wrapped around a packer mechanism are the probable culprits in another recycling truck fire last week.  Auckland Council is again warning Aucklanders of the dangers truck blazes pose to waste contractor employees, nearby traffic, and passing pedestrians.