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Dogs 20 Sep 2017

Council warns against third-party dog registrations

Auckland Council is reminding dog owners around the region that it only accepts payment for dog registrations directly, not through third parties.

Dogs 1 Sep 2017

Do the right thing – Register your dog

If you have a dog, its registration should have been renewed by 1 August.

Dogs 11 Aug 2017

Ruby finds her forever home

It’s one of the most heartbreaking aspects of the job at an animal shelter; a dog abandoned by their owner after years of loyalty. But this tale has a happy ending.

Dogs 9 Aug 2017

For this 7-year-old, it's all about the animals

Meet Sophia, who has so much empathy and affection for animals that she spends her birthday each year with them in a very special way.

Dogs 14 Jul 2017

Must love dogs: a chat with Animal Management Officer Lennie Vickery

Lennie spends her days teaching dog owners about responsible ownership, dealing with complaints, and ensuring compliance with the Dog Control Act.

Dogs 5 Jul 2017

TXT2DESEX keeping the Kelston community safe

Auckland Council’s Animal Management team and the NZ Police recently collaborated to try and reduce dog attacks in the Kelston community.

Dogs 5 Jul 2017

Text 2 Desex

To qualify for free desexing your dog must be registered and classified as menacing under the Dog Control Act 1996

Dogs 27 Jun 2017

Register your dog and save

Dog registrations are now open and owners can take advantage of early-bird rates.