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Dogs 8 Jun 2016

Walkies with your pit bull

Menacing dogs and types, including pit bulls, must be leashed and muzzled when out in public in Auckland.

Dogs 7 Jun 2016

Greeting a dog

What happens with your dog when a visitor comes to your house? A polite and controlled introduction means a happy interaction for everyone.

Dogs 6 Jun 2016

It's dog registration time!

Dog owners will be looking out for their dog re-registration letters this month, to take up great earlybird discounts.

Dogs 28 May 2016

Dog registration colours to change

It’s dog registration time and your dog will need to be registered by 31 July to qualify for standard rates.

Dogs 18 May 2016

Watch: Auckland Council’s menacing dogs amnesty explained

Field Services Manager Animal Management explains the menacing dogs amnesty.

Community 11 May 2016

Teaching dog safety in schools

Animal management officer Janet Larsen explains how the 'A Dog's Story' app is being used to teach dog safety in schools.

Dogs 6 May 2016

Menacing dog amnesty reaches major milestone

A major milestone has been reached in a bid to get menacing dogs in Auckland registered, de-sexed and micro-chipped.

Dogs 29 Apr 2016

Watch: More than 120 owners register menacing dogs

A week after the announcement of an amnesty for menacing dogs, more than 120 dogs have already been registered.