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Local Elections

It’s election year for local government, which means Aucklanders have elected new representatives to be mayor, councillors and local board members.

Voting has closed.

Visit the Vote Auckland website to see the official results: voteauckland.co.nz

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Elections 2022 4 Oct 2022

Mirror, mirror on the wall - who has the greatest vision of them all?

The countdown is on for the close of voting in Auckland's local elections – don’t miss out.

Elections 2022 28 Sep 2022

What's in it for me? Voting in Auckland's local election

Aucklanders have less than two weeks left to vote for who they think has the greatest vision for Tāmaki Makaurau. This is their chance to have their say and choose.

Elections 2022 23 Sep 2022

Board members farewelled in Albert-Eden

More than half of century of experience has been lost with the decision of three Albert-Eden Local Board members not to seek re-election.

Elections 2022 14 Sep 2022

150 more places for you to drop off your vote

Local elections voting opens soon – here’s what you need to know so you don’t miss out.

Elections 2022 14 Sep 2022

Who are these people? Auckland’s local elections candidates

A total of 466 candidates are standing in Auckland’s local elections. The good news is, you don’t have to get to know them all, just candidates standing in your area and those standing for mayor.

Election Topics 14 Sep 2022

Can Auckland count on your vote?

To have the best people elected for the job, it is up to you to vote for who you think has the greatest vision for Auckland.

Elections 2022 9 Sep 2022

Vote Boxes en route to Auckland Transport hubs

For the first time, Vote Boxes will be at select Auckland Transport hubs so you can drop off your vote for the upcoming local elections.

Election Topics 30 Aug 2022

Why vote in the local elections?

Everything you need to know