Our water future

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Have your say 8 Jun 2021

Protecting Auckland’s water infrastructure key to proposed Council bylaw changes

Auckland Council is seeking public feedback on proposed bylaw changes to the Water Supply and Wastewater Network Bylaw 2015.

Have your say 2 Nov 2020

Our water future: Let's do something about it

As Auckland continues to grow and change, we need to look after our precious water.

Environment 19 Dec 2019

How to protect Auckland's streams and harbours

Valuing Auckland’s water is not just about using less. It’s also about ensuring it stays clean and healthy.

Beaches 11 Nov 2019

Testing and funding to improve water quality in Takapuna

Smoke testing, site inspections and increased funding are helping to combat issues with water quality in Takapuna.

Environment 20 Sep 2019

Improving water quality in Ōkahu Bay

Solution to water quality about to begin

Beaches 21 May 2019

Hauraki Gulf Forum votes to increase marine park protection

The Hauraki Gulf Forum votes to increase protection of the Gulf Marine Park and to restore shellfish beds and reefs.

Environment 16 May 2019

Workshops to prevent pests in Great Barrier's waters

New workshops on Great Barrier will help the community stop the spread of marine pests and maintain the integrity of the marine environment.

Beaches 29 Mar 2019

New seawall to tackle erosion at Algies Bay

A new seawall will help tackle erosion at Algies Bay and protect the foreshore for years to come.