Together in Auckland

Discover some of the great things you can do to stay active, keep learning and take care of yourself at home, in your neighbourhood and across the region.

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Together in Auckland 8 Nov 2021

10 reasons why Auckland is the best place to be in lockdown

Here are ten free reasons why Auckland is the best place to be in lockdown.

Together in Auckland 17 Nov 2021

Feed Your Mind

Lockdowns can be tough, especially for those who are unwell, missing loved ones or feeling stressed. One step we can take is to dive into something new, whether we're picking up a new language or working through our wishlist of books and films. Take a look at our ideas below to get you started on a productive and relaxing time during lockdown.

Together in Auckland 9 Nov 2021

Move your body

We all know keeping active helps look after our physical and mental wellbeing, but it’s not always easy in lockdown when our daily routines have changed, our children’s lives feel upside down, and the nation is in limbo. We’ve found ways to get active at home and across our region. Here are ways to get started.

Together in Auckland 9 Nov 2021

Lift Your Spirits

Mental fatigue and heightened fear are real for many of us in lockdown. For those who are feeling it, we want to help. Here are some ways to learn some new skills and lift our spirits while we are at home. Mindfulness, good sleep, healthy eating and breathing exercises are great and there are plenty of resources out there. Getting started can be the biggest hurdle, so here are some ways we can help with that first step.

Together in Auckland 9 Nov 2021

Ideas for kids

Keep your kids busy, entertained and learning during lockdown with these great ideas from Auckland Council and our libraries.

Together in Auckland 17 Nov 2021

Make the most of Auckland at Step 2

Now that Auckland is at Alert Level 3 Step 2, many of our great facilities are providing some ways to give you, your friends and family something new and exciting to enjoy.

Together in Auckland 15 Nov 2021

Retrain and develop your skills

Get started developing new skills with free resources available online via Auckland Libraries.

Together in Auckland 12 Nov 2021

Reconnect with family and friends at Step 2

With over 4000 parks and green spaces across the region, there is plenty to discover and enjoy with loved ones. So, grab your flask, pack the hamper, throw the blanket under your arm and check out one of these great gems that you might not have explored before.