Together in Auckland

Discover some of the great things you can do to stay active, keep learning and take care of yourself at home, in your neighbourhood and across the region.

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Together in Auckland 16 Sep 2021

Investigating nature during lockdown

Here are some great ways to explore and investigate nature in the backyard brought to you by the Auckland Council group.

Together in Auckland 16 Sep 2021

Keeping healthy over lockdown

Look after your health this lockdown with these helpful resources.

Together in Auckland 16 Sep 2021

Cool things to learn for kids

Kids love hands-on learning where they have the chance to try a new skill out for themselves. These cool activities are so much fun, and kids just happen to be learning along the way.

Together in Auckland 15 Sep 2021

Yoga for kids at home

Looking for ideas to keep the kids busy this lockdown? Check out these yoga-inspired resources.

Together in Auckland 14 Sep 2021

Building a resilient you

There’s nothing like a lockdown to get our fight-or-flight responses firing. Combat the stress with three tips for building resilience.

Together in Auckland 9 Sep 2021

Keeping mindful during lockdown

As last year showed us, being in lockdown for an extended time can take a toll on our mental wellbeing. But there are opportunities to learn some new skills for lifting our spirits while we are at home.

Together in Auckland 3 Sep 2021

No sweat - gentle at-home workouts

Exercise at home doesn’t have to be hot and sweaty. Here’s how to get active with the whole family and be gentle on the body.

Together in Auckland 1 Sep 2021

Workouts you can do at home

Take some time for yourself and check out one of the at home workouts the Auckland Council Pools and Leisure team has created.