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Ersha Island

Ersha Island 二沙岛 siblings, Danielle Hao-Aickin 郝丹丹 and Tee Hao-Ackin 郝婷婷, have garnered distinctions in piano and violin for classical performance at the China Conservatory of Music in Beijing at ages 11 and 8. Their debut singles released in 2022, ‘Gut Feeling 自我直觉’ and ‘Good Day 美好的一天’ marked the beginning of their foray into Aotearoa’s contemporary scene, while setting the tone for their blended Western and Asian/Chinese stylistic repertoire.

Recent showcases include the Wāhine Asians Are Here Tour and ASIAN(SOUND)SCAPES x Ponsonby Social, and they are one of three acts selected to perform as part of Big Fan Live. Their upcoming debut EP ‘Back To My Roots’ explores their Chinese whakapapa and mixed-race identity and will be available on all major streaming platforms in February 2024.

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