Chris Darby on our Smoke-free Policy Review

A word from Chris Darby, North Shore ward councillor

Last Updated : 28 Oct 2015

Our smoke-free journey has been one of culture shifts. Remember the days of smoke-filled pubs and community halls?

At the time publicans vociferously defended that status quo, but the fears of declining business couldn’t have been further off the mark.

Hospitality thrived more than ever and now it’s hard for punter or publican alike to imagine going back.

This month, we’re beginning a review of our Smoke-free Policy, and in early 2016 we will seek Aucklanders' feedback on what they think about making our city smoke free.

We’ve come a long way on this smoke-free journey. Smoking rates are declining and our council facilities, sports fields, libraries and many of our shared spaces have gone smoke free.

We want to know what you think about clearing the air around outdoor dining areas, town centres, and our beaches next – I look forward to hearing you weigh in on the debate.

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