Survey shows more Aucklanders on their bikes

Last Updated : 29 Oct 2015
More Aucklanders on their bikes
The number of Aucklanders who cycle has increased by 7 per cent over the past year.

The number of people cycling in Auckland is up 7 per cent, according to independent research released on 28 August by Auckland Transport.

The study looked at walking and cycling habits of more than 1600 Aucklanders.

It found that the number of people who cycle has increased from 20 per cent a year ago to 27 per cent.

The main reasons for cycling are still exercise or fitness (65 per cent), and recreation (54 per cent).

Better cycle infrastructure means more people cycling

The research also gathered information about where people lived and found that those living directly east and west of the city have the highest proportion of people cycling.

This makes sense as it is where the current cycle infrastructure is in place, says Kathryn King, Auckland Transport’s Walking and Cycling manager.

“To maximise the investment which has come from local and central government, we plan to improve the network for cycling into and around the city centre, as well connections to public transport interchanges.”

Auckland Transport, the NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Council are completing a $200 million programme of cycle projects over the next three years.

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