Aucklanders proud of city's diversity

Publish Date : 04 Mar 2016
Auckland's global identity

Aucklanders feel the city’s natural environment is a major feature making it unique in the world.

Aucklanders are excited about their future in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, according to a recent survey of the Auckland Council People’s Panel.

Panellists were asked a range of questions about Auckland’s place in the world. More than 4000 Aucklanders responded with their views about Auckland’s unique global identity.

Aucklanders proud of city’s diversity

Over 70 per cent of respondents believe it is important for a city to have a distinct identity. For Aucklanders, there was a strong feeling that the city’s natural environment was a major factor in making the city unique in the world.

One-fifth of respondents cited Auckland’s harbours and geography as a unique aspect of the city, and 16 per cent said the beaches and coastline in a low-population city makes life here different from other global cities.

Many respondents were also proud of Auckland’s diverse, multicultural setting. “Auckland is unique in that it large enough to be sophisticated, cultured, multi-cultural and offers all the outdoor activities anyone could want," said one panellist.

Housing and congestion recognised as challenges

Although most people were upbeat about Auckland right now, Aucklanders are aware of the challenges that will face the growing and diverse city in the future.

Over one-fifth of Aucklanders believe the biggest change to Auckland in the next decade will be an increase in the population.

Increased congestion and housing costs were cited as common concerns – issues that Auckland Council and its council-controlled organisations are strongly focussed on.

Mayor Len Brown was not surprised members of the People’s Panel said traffic congestion and housing costs were of concern. 

“Everywhere I go, Aucklanders tell me to sort out transport and housing and we have a very strong focus on those two very important issues. We have made good progress, to date, with the City Rail Link and our Special Housing Areas. We just need to keep that pace going."

The changing urban environment of the city is also reflected in just under one-fifth of respondents believing that Auckland is also likely to experience more intensification, and the greater public transport usage that goes along with this.

About the People’s Panel

The People’s Panel is used by Auckland Council to engage Aucklanders in decision-making. It was created in November 2010 and has now grown to over 20,000 Aucklanders, making it the largest online local government panel in the country.

The panel includes members from all local board areas, ages, and ethnic groups. Feedback from the panel makes a real difference, informing the way Auckland Councils makes decisions about the city and a plan for a better Auckland.

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