Transport for new southern Auckland housing

Publish Date : 18 Feb 2016
Transport for new southern Auckland housing

A new Pukekohe town centre bypass road, new train stations, state highway improvements and more north-south connections are part of potential transport plans to support large numbers of new homes in south Auckland.

The public have a unique opportunity to help set the direction for the transport needed during the next 30 years for future communities around Takanini, Papakura, Drury and Pukekohe. These areas are currently rural land outside urban limits.

Six weeks of public consultation will be carried out, with initial consultation from 18 February to 3 March in south Auckland, on what transport priorities should be and a range of potential projects. Four weeks of further public consultation will start in April.

Significant new transport infrastructure 

The feedback will be used to help identify the transport network needed to support the area’s growth during the next 30 years, which Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and the NZ Transport Agency are working together on.

Councillor Bill Cashmore says significant new transport infrastructure will be needed to support about 50,000 new houses and 13,000 new jobs in future urban areas a similar combined size to urban Hamilton.

“It is important we identify early what is needed so projects can be developed and in place before new housing and businesses go in.

“At this stage public feedback is needed on what people believe future residents’ transport priorities will be. We also want to know what people think about a menu of transport ideas being considered.

“It is a good opportunity for people to help guide what mix of transport projects need to happen.”

Councillor Calum Penrose says the plans should give the public confidence that work is underway to provide transport for new housing and allow them to give feedback on the type of transport that future communities will need.

“Getting transport well integrated with the future communities to ensure they are well connected and great places to live will be a priority. Making sure jobs are easy for people to get to is also very important.”

Auckland Transport Key Strategic Initiatives Project Director, Theunis van Schalkwyk, says a plan to support Auckland’s expected growth during the next 10 years is already in place, with a number of projects already complete, under construction, or well advanced in planning.

Working closely with developers 

“We are also working closely with developers to deliver new transport for special housing areas as they are built.

“This work is focused on identifying the additional new and upgraded transport infrastructure for future housing and business areas which will be built on land that is currently rural.”

The NZ Transport Agency’s Auckland Regional Director, Ernst Zöllner, says improved transport will include a mix of public transport, new or upgraded roads, footpaths and cycleways, upgraded state highways and smarter use of existing infrastructure.

“After recommending transport networks the next stage will be to prioritise projects for inclusion in future investment programmes.”

The recommended networks will also be used to help inform discussions between the Government and Auckland Council on agreeing an approach to develop the city’s transport system (the Auckland Transport Alignment Project).

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