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Last Updated : 21 Mar 2016
Adopt a spot
Street art trumps gaffiti vandalism thanks to local community initiatives

Are you aware of an area in your neighbourhood that is prone to graffiti vandalism, and yet no one seems to care or do anything about it?

The Adopt-a-Spot programme helps neighbourhoods to keep their areas beautiful by working with Auckland Council to combat graffiti vandalism in the community.

The programme enables Adopt-a-Spot volunteers to take ownership of an area in their neighbourhood, look after it, and keep graffiti free. The area you adopt can be as big or as small as you wish.

Anti-graffiti volunteers regularly provide the council and Police with information that helps identify offenders. In areas where local communities have adopted a zero tolerance approach to graffiti vandalism, offenders quickly realise that they are wasting their time and resources and that there is a high likelihood of being caught in areas where there is high vigilance by locals.

There are already more than a thousand Adopt-a-Spot volunteers around Auckland. Together, we have reduced graffiti vandalism incidents by 22 per cent.

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Removing graffiti within 24 hours discourages taggers

Auckland Council will supply the paint, brushes and other equipment to volunteers so that graffiti can be removed from their own, or others' properties.

Whether you are one person, a member of a group, or a business association, you can Adopt-a-Spot, to help keep your neighbourhood graffiti free.

To become an Adopt-a-Spot volunteer, or for more information about the programme, please contact us.

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