Data to help improve well-being of Māori

Publish Date : 03 Mar 2016
Data strategy aims to improve well-being of Maori
An eight-member expert panel has been formed to guide the Independent Maori Statutory Board's data collection and reporting process.

The Independent Māori Statutory Board (IMSB) is employing a new way of working with Māori data through their data strategy.

The strategy involves working with organisations like Statistics New Zealand and Auckland Council’s research unit, and will allow the IMSB to access, share and analyse data relevant to Māori outcomes in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland). This approach will provide cost-effective and relevant information to help guide the creation of priorities and policy.

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Expert panel to guide strategy

An eight-member expert panel has been formed to guide the data collection and reporting process. It is headed by respected Māori development champion Professor Sir Mason Durie, who says, “The panel will advise on the best way of capturing the voice of Māori in Tāmaki Makaurau, allowing the formulation of fit-for-purpose data to assist in the prioritising, advice and advocacy of the IMSB.”

Report will measure Māori well-being

One of the outcomes of the data strategy will be the production of ‘The Māori Report’. The report will measure progress on the board’s Māori Plan for Tāmaki Makaurau, which is aimed at increasing Māori well-being in Auckland. The Māori report will also provide data and information on progress of the Māori Plan by reporting on headline indicators within the plan.

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