Library book returned 67 years overdue

Publish Date : 29 Apr 2016
Library book returned 67 years overdue

A library book has been returned to Auckland Council’s Epsom Community Library almost 70 years after it was due.

Long journey back to library

The book, Myths and Legends of Maoriland by AW Reed, was borrowed in 1948. The borrower took the book with her when she left Auckland as a child in 1948, and finally returned it to the library on 28 April 2016.

No fines charged

As the book was from the children's section, no fines could be charged. If it had been borrowed from an adult's section, it would have an incurred a daily fee.

Book's author a prominent publisher born in Auckland

Library book returned 67 years overdue 2

The book’s author, Alexander Wyclif Reed, was born in Ponsonby in 1908 and attended Mt Albert Grammar School. He established a publishing company with his uncle Alfred Reed in 1932. A prolific author, AW Reed encouraged serious scholarship on Māori topics at a time when few other publishers were doing so.

In later editions, the book was renamed Maori Myths and Legendary Tales. There are currently three copies in the Heritage and Research Centre at the Auckland Central Library. These can only be read in the library.

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