New trial reduces traffic speed in Silverdale Village

Publish Date : 28 Apr 2016

Early feedback from a traffic trial at Silverdale Village indicates that motorists are reducing their speed when travelling through the area.

The Silverdale Area Business Association raised concerns about traffic speeds in the village and after Auckland Transport surveyed the area; a four month long traffic trial has been set up.

The trial includes a red carpet pavement treatment and speed cushions installed at various points on Silverdale Street.

Red textured paint on the road surface around the pedestrian crossings in Agency Lane and Curley Avenue makes these crossings safer for pedestrians.

Motorists experience a change when driving on this surface and so slow down when approaching a pedestrian crossing. When driving over the speed cushions, motorists travelling at about 15-20km shouldn’t feel an impact. 

Auckland Transport Traffic Operations Team Leader North/West Karthi Govindasamy says that it’s important to hear about motorists’ experiences including how they find the cushions.

“We think these are the right devices to do the job but feedback is important. If the trial is successful, then if necessary, adjustments can be made to the speed cushions when they are installed.”

Silverdale Area Business Association President Phil Bennett leads a roading working group that meets regularly with representatives from the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board and Auckland Transport to deal with transport issues affecting Silverdale.

“We have been very happy with the results from the trial particularly with the speed and noise reduction within the village which is thanks to the speed cushions. Our monthly onsite meetings mean that everyone can see first-hand the issues that are affecting Silverdale.

“The business association would like to acknowledge the good relationship it has established with Auckland Transport which is a big help in moving forward on traffic issues that have affected 67 per cent of businesses in our area.”

Hibiscus and Bays Local Board member Janet Fitzgerald says that a collaborative approach on local issues is providing better solutions.

“The local board is a strong advocate for improving transport access and safety in the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board area. This working group has shown how successful it is when the right people work together. We are achieving small successes while we continue to work with Auckland Transport on improvements for the bigger transport issues.

“I encourage anyone connected with Silverdale Village, whether they work or shop or travel through the area, to take the time to give feedback on the traffic trial. They can do so by emailing the before the end of June.”

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