Microchipping protects dogs

Last Updated : 01 Mar 2018

Microchipping your dog is easy and no more stressful than an injection. SPCA vet Rosalind Holland demonstrates what a microchip looks like and what's involved in the microchipping process.

A microchip, implanted just under the skin between the shoulder blades, is a permanent identification that goes everywhere with your dog. This means if the dog ever gets lost, most vets, SPCA, animal shelters and rescue organisations will be able to identify it straight away using a microchip scanner. If the dog has an owner, they can be found immediately and reunited with their pet.

A microchip implanter looks just like a vaccination needle, with the microchip sitting inside the needle. When the microchip is implanted it’s like having a vaccination or injection. The needle goes just under the skin, the plunger is pressed and the microchip goes in and sits there.

Microchipping can also be done while your dog is undergoing de-sexing, while they are under anaesthesia.


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