Faster building consents on the way

Publish Date : 29 Jul 2016
Faster building consents on the way

Auckland Council’s building and resource divisions are being upgraded to make building consents easier, faster, more consistent and more tailored to customers’ needs.

Fast consents for smaller projects

A ‘fast turnaround’ consenting process for simple projects is also being considered. If this process goes ahead, it will allow consents for projects like car ports, garages and decks to be granted within five to 10 working days.

The service will be available online only at a set fee, which is to be confirmed.

Getting things done quicker

“Instead of taking potentially 20 working days for consent, you’ll be able to start work on your project faster if it meets the criteria and the correct information is supplied in the application,” says Building Control General Manager Ian McCormick.

“The ability to process basic applications within five to 10 days online will make a huge difference to customers.”

The proposed consenting services are expected to be available from early 2017.

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